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3Win8 is an online bookie for sports games and online games. They have wide coverage of wagers from football to even Esport games like Dota 2 and CS: GO. The sportsbook is the best in Asia with live score broadcasting and also live betting services available. Since the Olympics is coming up in 2020, this would be a great time to start learning more and more about the application. If games are your thing, and you love seeing which side wins, this would be the best place for you.

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These wagering systems or betting systems as we call it in simple English, have been around for ages. It started back then in Medieval times mostly prominent in European countries that indulge in knight duels and horse races. This is where the sports betting term and system originated from. As Europe developed, the betting scene moved on to dog races, dog fights, and cockfights. One of the negative effects of this activity back then in Europe is because of its nature of animal abuse. People have been concerned about animals and then the betting industry moved onto real human sports such as football, pool, rugby or golf and more.

Now sportsbooks all over the world cover many different games in the thousands of matches that are held each week. But platforms such as 3Win8 only cover events that have broadcasts and there would be no scores available for local games such as horse racing in England. Modern-day technology has made it easier and easier to start betting on their favorite team in sport such as in football games. These “Bookies” we call them last time have modernized and become online sportsbooks in recent years.

According to the research of Analogy On Technical Betting

● Everyone who bets technically aims to win the biggest amount of cash they can win and with a price of not being biased by team favorites. Most players these days bet on their teams because they believe and like them but for people who want to win big bets, their strength lies in the ability to forecast a win or lose. This itself is a hard trait to learn and master. In each sport, there are different factors on how you can determine who to bet on. For example football, factors can be the overall physical health and mental health of the team, the environmental factors such as rain or heat and the playing field factor such as a home field or away field. In E-sports as well, a player needs to know the conditions of players and their strategy at overcoming their opponent team. This becomes a big game of overseeing how team A would beat team B and vice versa. Knowing the factors surrounding a game is vital in technical betting, otherwise, a person would just lose everything.

● How does technical betting affect the people around you? If you sit down with friends and place bets, be sure to know if you can talk about who you support or not. Some people would not take into supporting the priority team the most and would support their team based on their emotional judgment. For a technical better to win, they must not let emotion cloud their judgment. This is one of the ways to overcome favoritism and let your rational thinking kick in.

● Percentage winning forecasts on all games are bull$#it. Games that forecast percentage chances always only take into account the player’s skills and not the environmental factors or physical and mental state of the team. Always think further ahead when placing bets on the teams you would predict to win. The best predictions come from the person who took the most amount of factors into account for their thinking.

Esports Betting Vs Sports Betting

Esports has come to light recently and more and more of the younger generation can place bets because of their legal age and thus the game developers of 3Win8 incorporated the E-Sport category. Most platforms have not added this and this is the biggest negative for players that want to bet on games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2. These games have an extremely high prize pool standard for international games and this opens opportunities for bigger and bigger games to be hosted internationally such as multiple different League of games.

What makes Esports so different from sports is that Esports have the factor of being able to connect to the younger generation more than normal game bets. Statistics show that CSGO and Dota2 generate more popularity these days compared to betting on Badminton etc. This is where the world turns to the next generation of trendsetters to lead the way for how most of the casino industry will end up in. With previous generations dying out and being replaced, it is no clue why we would be betting more on Esports compared to real-world sports in the future. Who knows, there might be robots fight bets too in the future!


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