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NTC33 | Newtown Casino Malaysia


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Come try Newtown Casino on your mobile phone today! Our casino has the best virtual games for you to try to master and earn real cash via online bankin in Malaysia! Thousands of ringgits won by our players every week while playing our casino games. We have slot games, fun arcade games, and card or table games like Black Jack, Roulette and Poker for everyone to take part in. No matter which game you love the most, we have it here at Newtown Casino.


Don’t know how to start playing on your mobile phone? Get started by downloading the application from our download page and then get an account set up with the help of our online professional casino agents. You can get practice accounts as well for you to try out the game first before you use real money! Find the game you love the most and master it. When you are satisfied, you can start using cash for a real account that can win real money!

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Register NTC33 Login ID

Win and Transfer made easy! Step by step guide on money transfer for NTC33

1. Inform your game agent about your winnings and Newtown Casino account details

2. Tell them how much you want to withdraw and give them your bank account details

3. Wait for the game agent to transfer your account money to your bank account

With these 3 easy steps you can withdraw up to RM50,000 to your account for winning in Newtown Casino! WOW.

Have only the safest and best online casino experience especially when you can trust our withdraw record page and our professional online customer services. Play ntc 33 today and win big just like the thousands of players who play this game every day! Try it now!

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